Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 12

Day 12 by Adalaya
This morning we woke up and had a wonderful breakfast of toasted bagels then we cleaned up and drove to the CDC (Center for Disease Control).  When we got there we had difficulty finding parking (again!) and we were late for our tour so Alexia dropped us off and went to try and park.  When we walked inside there was very heavy security which was slightly scary and unexpected.  Once we got through it though they had a really nice tour of their museum and learned lots about diseases and what the CDC does. 
Iron lung

Pneumatic vaccinator

Level IV hot suits. Kevin was infected

When the tour was over we grabbed a quick lunch and drove over to the Atlanta food bank.  There we met up with two other school groups and did a simulation on the difficulties of getting a healthy meal on an extremely low income.  We were each given a character with information about our monthly income and expenses and we had to figure out how to get 2,000 calories of food for ourselves.  I did not manage to get my food.  When we finished with that the other groups left and the nutritionist gave us a tour of their facilities.  We were all very tired so we came home and had a lovely evening. 

Banana boxes are their favorite type of box because of their size and durability. This warehouse is completely filled with banana boxes (but not bananas)

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