Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 14

Day 14 by Shogo
We awoke at 7:00 and faced the first challenge of the day, daylight savings.  The Friends Meeting had to prep for meeting so we had to leave for the day by 8:45.  This was an hour earlier than expected so we drove to a park and went back to sleep in the bus until we met with Tania who pretty much planned our weekend.
                We worked with Tania until lunch working on a small garden for a transitional housing.  We divided into three groups.  One group worked on weeding a compost bin that was completely covered in honeysuckle.  Another group worked on making a garden bed and clearing some brush.  The group I was on worked on making several beds using a permaculture method called berms and swells.  Basically the beds are planted on even contours of a hill.  Behind the beds are berms that catch rainwater and spread it out along the bed.  After we were done, Tania bought us donuts from this amazing donut shop called Revolutionary Donuts.

Berms and swales

                We then journeyed to a different world…                   The World of Coca Cola.  In the World of Coca Cola, we searched for the “secret formula” of coca cola, (one which Satchel has improved greatly) and traveled through the brainwashing land of Coke.  We learned that Coca Cola makes you happy and is the essence of life.  We also watched a 4d movie about what makes coke “coke”, and got stabbed in the back by a dragonfly.  At the end of the tour there is the tasting room.   In the tasting room, there is an unlimited source of soda, and over 60 different flavors.  We, the students, consumed about 2L each.  And we were given a free 8oz of coke!

You are required to take a single use plastic bag to carry your commemorative bottle of Coke. This is because without the bag, you might drop the bottle and it might break. With the bag, this obviously won't happen. 

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