Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 16 and 17

AMS presenting to High Point Friends School about our trip
Day 16 by Micah
Today we went to a food science lab and there were lots of people with cool accents. They were studying what causes allergic reactions from peanuts. They extract the proteins with a machine. Then they take the proteins and put them into a different machine. They look at the amino acids in the proteins. They found which sequences of amino acids that make allergies and they can possibly extract these sequences to make hypoallergenic peanuts.
There was another professor who talked to us about dairy, especially the bacteria in yogurt and its health benefits. Another professor takes the left over grape stuff from wine and tries to bake it into bread to add fiber and antioxidants. There was a testing room with funny colored lights to mask the color of the food. People would test the smell, taste, texture and the appearance of different foods.
Learning about probiotics

Amino acid sequencer

Other door we passed

We visited with Greensboro Montessori middle schoolers at “The Land”, which is “wilderness” but is actually a field and forest. We talked to them about our trip and school and they talked to us about their school.
At AMS, kids misplace their stuff all the time. Her is Sage with her substitute mess kit
At Montessori, everything has its place.

Day 17 by Minto

Today we went to Second Harvest food bank in Winston Salem. We did service work for them for about four hours, checking expiration-dates, for dents and holes in food packages, then some of us packed varieties of food in little cardboard boxes .  I was amazed by how much food they throw away. They threw away like a third of the food that they got donated from grocery stores because it was maybe bad.  After that we went to corn syrup factory but we can’t talk about it, so yea. 

Learning about how HFCS 55 is made

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