Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 15

Day 15 by Sage

Today we drove to North Carolina from Atlanta. For breakfast we had carrot muffins, then had to clean up all of our breakfast things before 8:15 before the school students got to Atlanta Friends meeting. Then we drove for 5 hours. I do not really know what happened during that time because I was asleep. But Micah broke a free Coke bottle we got from our WORLD OF COKE EXPERIENCE. The bottle was Asher’s, and Micah was trying to open it like a cool kid by hitting it against a metal bench. The staff told Asher that it was not safe to drink because of glass particles, unless he filtered it through a bandana into another jar.

After this, we arrived at High Point Friends school. It looks a lot different than Arthur Morgan. There are fancier buildings, and apparently all the kids get their own ChromeBook. I thought that was pretty NEAT-O. Then we hung out at a playground at the school #KLFVR (Kevin Lives Forever) #KDFVR (Kevin Dies Forever) until dinner, where we had couscous. After we ate dinner, Alexia made popcorn with parmesan cheese. I ate all the burnt kernels because burnt things are delicious. Then we went back to the building where we are staying and hung out until bedtime. J J J J J

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